Virtual Care

Virtual care allows you to access our services in the comfort of your home via a video-call on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. It is easy to use, private, convenient and allows you to access care from anywhere in Ontario!

Services Provided via Virtual Care

Assessment and Treatment of Injures

A thorough history is taken and your movement is analyzed via video call. You will be provided with education, self-management strategies, self-mobilization techniques, and corrective exercises. You are provided with instruction and feedback in real-time and be able to discuss any questions/concerns.

Exercise Prescription for Rehabilitation & Performance

You will be provided with an exercise program that is in-line with your goals and is tailored to the equipment you have available. You will receive cueing and feedback on your form and technique, as well as be able to discuss any questions/concerns.

Ergonomic Assessments

We get to see you in your natural environment and help you set it up so that it fits you. We provide education regarding posture, movement strategies, ergonomics and discuss any questions/concerns that you have.

Most insurance companies cover Virtual Care Physiotherapy, please check with your insurance provider.

concussion management

For more information on virtual care and how it may benefit you, please feel free to contact us.